Kumkum Bhagya 23nd May 2019 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23nd May 2019 Written Episode Update Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23nd May 2019

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode begins with Prachi calling Pragya, however, his phone is out of inclusion. Sarita asks him to touch the phone from time to time. Shahana says that Maasi’s phone does not have a system. Pragya tries to get Abhi out in the truck. The workers see it and affirm that someone was inside, we will support them. Pragya asks them to get a taxi. She takes him to the medical clinic. The specialist asks for the final result. Pragya says they were at the construction site and the roof fell on his head. The specialist asks if he is safe and can not treat him until FIR is finished. Pragya says it is a mishap and asks him to treat it. The specialist says that I’m not rejecting the treatment and asks him to get FIR. Pragya says that I will record FIR and asks him to treat it. She says that in case something happens, at that time, she will document a body of evidence of neglect against.

the. The specialist is stressed and asks the nurse to take him to OT. Pragya cries out of OT. Rhea calls Aaliyah and asks where she is. Does Aaliyah say that I came and ask her what the deal was? Rhea asks him to free her from dad. Aaliyah asks him to determine what happened. Rhea says it all. Aaliyah says incredible and says that you suspended Prachi from school and says that I am very happy for you. She says that I’m happy that Prachi has left and that you are optimistic. Rhea says that dad came to school and he scolded me. Aaliyah says he will not rebuke you and asks you to relax. She says that you look exhausted and impotent and asks if she did not eat anything. Rhea says she was so tense and that she did not eat anything. Aaliyah asks why there is tranquility in the home. Bahadur Kaka educates her regarding the Abhi meeting with a setback when the construction site collapsed on him. Aaliyah and Rhea get stressed and leave home.

Pragya looks at Abhi and goes over the stones that fall on him. She cries. The secretary comes up and asks him not to stress and tells him that he will do well. She asks him to fill in the affirmation structure. Pragya wipes her tears and goes to meet. She composes the structure. The assistant asks her to compose an association with the patient. Pragya keeps in touch with his connection as his “significant other”. The secretary asks you if you are your best half. Pragya look. He approaches the intensive care unit and sees Doctor having Abhi use a breathing device. An FB has appeared, Pragya asks if he is applying the balsam on purpose. Abhi says that I will apply everything and says that you get stuck in an unfortunate situation deliberately with the aim of applying the balm. Pragya says you were powerless to forgive me. Abhi brings her closer and says that my life is connected with you and that is the reason that comes to avoid you in general. He says that we are two bodies and a soul, and before the possibility of something happening, at that moment I … Pragya keeps a hand in his mouth and says that his breath is connected to his. Abhi asks him to kiss him. She hugs him. Abhi becomes cheerful and asks for a kiss. Pragya says: Let me go … FB closes.

She assumes that at any point that we meet, some mishap occurs or something happens. She sees the nurse go in a hurry. The specialist asks you to get positive ‘B’ blood. Pragya hears her. The family of Abhi and Vikram are getting nervous and stressed in front of the structure. They scream The rescue group comes there and says that Mr. Abhi is not here. One of the men asks if she is his little daughter and tells him that Abhi was inside, however, a woman forgave him and took him with her. Everyone asks who she is. The attending physician says there is no positive B blood in the blood donation center. The specialist requests that your discussion to the experts of the emergency clinic. Pragya listens to them and enters the ICU. The doctor asks him to leave. Pragya demands that he let her stay there for a couple of minutes. The medical caregiver attends and goes. Pragya approaches Abhi and cries with a glance. Allah Narayan touches … Pragya says that I revealed to you that I will not return once again, however, I came to meet you. I did not think I needed to see this. She says we did not know each other for a long time and when we met this happened?

She says that I revealed to the nurse that she agrees with my conversations, and says that in case I do not agree, at that moment I will get angry with you. She asks him to open his eyes and says that you have not seen Prachi yet and that I did not see our youngest girl. She says that in case you do not open your eyes, at that moment, I can not excuse myself. I was with you, but I could not forgive you. She says you used to forgive me and she approaches him to get up because of his satisfaction. The specialist comes and asks him to accompany her.

The rescue team’s partner says that the woman took out Abhi with a lot of problems and said that she had a head injury and that there was a lot of blood running. He says that when that woman pulled him out and shouted for help. When we helped her, she took him to the emergency clinic. Dadi very much appreciated, God. Everyone receives some information about women. The person gives the representation of Pragya and says that she has so much beauty that one can feel that nothing will happen until she is with him. Rhea says that he is portraying Prachi’s mother and says that she has elegance everywhere. Everyone goes to the emergency clinic. Aaliyah approaches the contract worker to prepare for the results.

The doctor disapproves of the nurse for letting Pragya in. Pragya asks how he is. The specialist asks him to ask the nurse and tells him that the clinic’s experts do not have blood and asks him to accomplish something in case he needs him to be well and use his sources to organize blood for him, and says that your blood group is B positive.