MWD Documentary TV Channel Live Streaming in Myanmar

MWD Documentary TV Channel Live Streaming in Myanmar MWD Documentary is a 24-hour television channel that broadcasts entertainment programs. Myawaddy is a Myanmar-owned military television network based in Yangon and Naypyitaw which broadcasts MWD Documentary and Entertainment, MWD Shopping, MWD Music, MWD Series and MWD Movie Channels. MWD Documentary and the MWD purchase channels are transmitted in both the Analogue and Digital systems. All are open broadcast channels and broadcast a variety of television programs.

MWD Documentary TV Channel Live Myanmar Myanmar TV stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and other cell phones empowered for applications. Get in touch with us through Contact us underneath on the off chance that you are occupied with these applications. Likewise, locate the best new melodies, playlists, and music on our site. The administration controls every single national medium 2 TV channels controlled by the state with one of the stations controlled by the military 2 pay-TV slots are state and private joint endeavors; access to satellite TV is constrained; 1 residential radio station controlled by the state and 9 FM stations that are joint state and privately owned businesses.

MWD Documentary TV Channel Live Myanmar

MWD Documentary TV Channel Live Myanmar


Myanmar transmissions of a few worldwide supporters are accessible in parts of Burma; Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Asia (RFA), the Burmese BBC benefit, Burma’s Democratic Voice (DVB) and Radio Australia utilize shortwave to communicate in Burma; VOA, RFA, and DVB deliver everyday TV news programs that are transmitted by satellite to crowds in Burma.

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MWD Documentary Live

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