Watch Aaj News TV Channel Live From Pakistan

Watch Aaj News TV Channel Live From Pakistan The Aaj news is a 24/7 news television channel. It began broadcasting in 2005. The headquarters is located in Karachi. Aaj News offers news coverage from around the world in collaboration with associated news sources in more than 100 countries.

Aaj TV Live aims to provide exclusive and detailed coverage of the 2018 Elections, reporting on any mishap during elections in any part of the country, the outcome of any electoral constituency, etc. Analysts, journalists, presenters and media staff will give you expert opinions on how elections are conducted. Stay tuned to Aaj News Live for the latest news related to the elections. Aaj TV Live – Pakistan Elections 2018 scheduled for July 25, 2018, is the most anticipated event in Pakistan. The entire nation and the media await the results of the 2018 elections to find out who will form the next government and parliament in Pakistan.

Watch Aaj News TV Channel Live

Watch Aaj News TV Channel Live

News Aaj Urdu offers all news headlines and stories in Urdu. News from Aaj Urdu makes it easier for people to understand and analyze the problems of the people of Pakistan since it is their first language and their mother tongue. Aaj news also publishes daily the newspaper Aaj news Urdu. Aaj news Urdu can also be accessed live through the Urdu Point website.

The news of Aaj had also started its entertainment channel. Aaj’s live entertainment can be easily viewed through the Urdu Point website. The entertainment Aaj transmits different dramas live. The television drama Aaj is liked by the audience as well. The television drama Aaj can be seen live at the scheduled time through the Urdu Point website.

Aaj tv lives as it offers unlimited direct access to all viewers through the official Urdu Point website. Now you can watch your favorite TV drama Aaj, talk shows and different Aaj tv shows live through the Urdu Point website no matter where you are.

Watch Aaj News Live

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